6 Beneficial Benefits of Polyester Yarn


The Polyester yarn brought a major revolution in the wo […]

The Polyester yarn brought a major revolution in the worldwide textile industry. Various varieties of Polyester Yarn are available in the market. Currently there are around four types of Polyester Yarn. Polyester Filament yarns are made by using two similar but different types of yarn, PET and Dyes. Dingkai Polyester yarn are usually processed by the companies in two different ways i.e. by steam or by cold process.

Polyester Fiber is generally spun yarns are processed in an automatic machinery, to obtain the desired tenacity. Due to its low price and high durability, it became the most sought after yarn in industrial as well as household applications. The tenacity or strength of the yarn is determined by its processing procedure. The processing method also determines the fiber's tenacity, i.e. its strength, coarseness, density and fiber diameter.

The most common and widely used Polyester Yarn is Spun Cotton. Cotton has the highest level of tensile strength. It is the backbone of textile manufacturing. The use of cotton also depends on the fiber's shape. The shapes such as flat, round, cylindrical, oblong and the scarf-shaped are very durable and suitable for making thread bags, tank tops, hosiery and baby clothing.

Other types of Polyester Fiber are Dye Yarn and plant-based Polyester Filler. The plant-based yarn are usually processed by taking the stems, leaves and flowers of the plants and processing them into a form of yarn. These fibers are used for manufacturing gloves, suits, dresses and other apparel. In addition, Dye Yield is a term used to describe the quality of the yarn that was processed: high grade, low grade, mid grade or poor grade.

The other most common polyester yarn uses are denim, khakis, skirts, blouses, dresses, blazers, work wear, casual shirts, long time pants and shorts, night gowns, swimsuits, sports wear and casual shirts. The fabric that makes up these fabrics is called Polyester Fabric. It is the lightest of all fabric types. Its resistance to wear and tear makes it ideal for making clothes that last for a long time. Moreover, the color, texture and weight remain intact for a long time and can easily be washed.

In addition, there are other advantages of using polyester yarn. Since it is a soft, comfortable and durable fabric, it is easy to produce. It can be dyed, printed with thread. And because it is made up of Dye Yield, quick drying and creasing are not a problem - something else that is common in cotton fabrics.

Cotton is also known as a natural fiber, but unfortunately it does not last long in comparison to polyester yarn. In fact, cotton apparel tends to get creased and wrinkle quickly when worn. However, these kinds of fabrics are also prone to having some kinds of short and split end. Polyester on the other hand, has some of the best qualities when it comes to durability and comfort.

But what makes a polyester yarn better than a cotton fabric? For one, it is more durable than wool, which makes it a great alternative for those who have sensitive skin. Since it is soft, you will not feel like wearing wool under your jacket. Furthermore, it dries quickly making it ideal for apparel made up of cotton, which easily wears out and get replaced.

A lot of synthetics used to make these fabrics tend to contain some harmful chemicals which can cause allergies, rashes, and may even cause cancer. For example, Dacron and Lycra fabrics contain dacryon, a synthetic fiber that is a major cause of back pain, among others. Although these harsh chemicals were used to make the fabrics, they have since been banned by several governments across the globe. However, polyester yarns are completely biodegradable, making them completely safe for sensitive skin.

The fourth benefit is that polyester yarns are quite long time durable when it comes to wearing and tearing. It can last for a long time compared to any other kind of fabric. Moreover, you can find different shapes and sizes of this fabric, which can give you an easy time in choosing the size of apparel fabrics that you need. Also, the color of the fabric tends to stay for a longer time compared to some other fabrics, like denim.

Lastly, the fifth advantage of using polyester yarn is that it offers an excellent amount of spinneret (light colored woven thread). Spinneret is a kind of fiber which can be used as an underlay to help provide extra comfort on your apparel. This is also used to give extra protection to the wearer's legs, especially when working in extremely cold weather conditions. Since polyester yarns are made up of an extremely dense polyester, it will be able to provide the wearer with an extreme amount of spinneret, which makes the fabric extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

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