Causes and prevention of hairy yarn defects caused by hanging flowers on traveler


Traveler hanging flowers cause hairiness yarn defects Y […]

Traveler hanging flowers cause hairiness yarn defects

Yarn defect form

Hairiness is one of the important yarn defects that affect quality evaluation, and it usually occurs in the draft and twist triangle. In actual production, the hairiness caused by hanging flowers on the traveler not only affects the quality, but is also difficult to find during inspection. Specific form: the hairiness is concentrated and fine, the appearance is fluffy, the winding layer in the bobbin is not distinguished clearly, the hairiness index of 1-9 mm increased in different degrees, the normal hairiness index and the traveler hanging flower hairiness index are compared in Table 3 .

Analysis of yarn defect formation mechanism

The traveler speed is proportional to the speed of the front roller. When the traveler hangs flowers or the cleaner accumulates flowers, the friction force of the ring and traveler increases, and the air flow pattern formed by the movement changes, causing the pulling motion between the fibers. Form hairiness. At the same time, the temperature of the traveler and the steel ring increases, and the floral dress binds the traveler to be difficult to dissipate, and the air viscosity is large, which affects the polymerization of the fiber; the speed of the traveler is unstable after the flower is hung again, and the tension from the spinning section to the winding section is affected , Increased the diffusion of edge fibers. Easy to cause hairiness.

Causes and prevention of yarn defects



Reasons for formation:

(1) The traveller is astringent and hairy, and the quality is not good;

(2) The surface of the ring is rough, which increases the wear of the traveler and forms hairiness;

(3) The distance between the traveler and the cleaner is too large or does not work, causing the cleaner to perform poorly and forming hairiness;

(4) The relative humidity in the workshop is too low and there are too many flying flowers. It is easy to be attached to the traveler with the movement of the traveler to form the traveler hanging flower.

Prevention method:

(1) Different yarn types use different traveler cleaner gauges. Practice has proved that the distance between traveler and cleaner for yarns below 14.6 tex is 1.45 mm, 18.2-22.4 tex is 1.6 mm, and 27.85 tex is 1.7 mm, which can effectively prevent The hairy yarn defect caused by the traveler hanging flower requires the traveler cleaner to function well. The traveler without a cleaner will hang flowers again after 2 hours after cleaning;

(2) Strengthen the operation management, and clean up the hanging flowers every doffing;

(3) Control the flying flowers and relative humidity in the workshop.

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