How does temperature and humidity affect spun yarn breakage

How does temperature and humidity affect spun yarn breakage

Update: 2021-04-01

The quality of temperature and humidity environment control directly affects yarn breakage. Many companies only focus on temperature and humidity in their understanding of the environment. In fact, in addition to temperature and humidity, the number of air changes in the workshop, air cleanliness, smooth airflow in the workshop, and differences in regional temperature and humidity (uniform) should also be controlled; air conditioning should be the unity of temperature, humidity, and cleanliness, and reasonable The number of air changes is an important means to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, and a certain cleanliness is more conducive to achieving high-speed spinning.

In order to prevent the air flow in the workshop from being turbulent, the side exhaust should be changed to the "up-blowing and down-suction" return air method; strengthening the management of the spun yarn blowing and suction fan to prevent the movement of the blowing nozzle and causing flying flowers; the process of the negative pressure cluster spinning device Exhaust air should be discharged into the air-conditioning room with a special duct to avoid direct discharge of a single Machine into the workshop causing air turbulence and temperature rise. Because the equipment at the front and rear of the car heats differently, and at the same time, the distance of the air conditioning air supply will bring about the difference of regional temperature and humidity, which will affect the decapitation and the life of the workshop. In the long run, the future air-conditioning air supply in the spinning workshop should be changed from the current "full room delivery" to environmental air supply and process air supply separately. This will not only improve the working environment of the workshop, but also better meet the needs of high-speed spinning. Control the moisture regain of the pre-spinning semi-products to ensure that the spinning is in a state of micro-wetting, which can reduce the breakage of the spinning workshop, which is conducive to high-speed production.

Reasonable process configuration to ensure process loading

In recent years, with the promotion of the "heavy-quantity, large drafting" process route, the overall requirements for spinning frames have increased. Spinning enterprises should consider the status of the equipment and select appropriate parameters to ensure quality and achieve high-speed and high-yield.

① It adopts constant tension spinning, and the spinning speed is set reasonably in sections to reduce the breakage of large and small yarns;

② Appropriately reduce the package size and adopt small package and small ring spinning;

③ Reasonably choose the size of the pressure bar and spacer block to reduce the breakage caused by the inability to open the draft;

④ Choose the appropriate three-level drafting pressure and reduce the pressure difference between the spindles to ensure neither "hard ends" nor excessive pressure;

⑤ According to different ring and traveler structures, reasonably set the distance of the cleaner and so on.

1.The realization of high-speed production of spinning yarn is a systematic project involving all aspects of raw materials, equipment, technology, environment and special equipment. It is the embodiment of basic management and comprehensive management of the enterprise.

2.Spinning speed selection should be considered in combination with different models and varieties. Only the "high-speed production" that meets the quality requirements and reasonably controls spun yarn breakage is the real high-speed.

3.Cotton spinning enterprises can adopt different varieties and equipment conditions to gradually increase the spinning speed, continuously summarize and accumulate experience, and finally achieve high-quality, high-speed production.