How to effectively solve the problem of entrapment of the yarn loop


As the last process in the spinning section, automatic […]

As the last process in the spinning section, automatic winding is used to wind the worsted yarn from the previous process through clearing, splicing, and applying appropriate tension to form a solid-looking package suitable for high-speed unwinding.

The control measures attached to the automatic winding machine's return yarn group are as follows:

Tension disc wire return control

The accumulated flowers in the tension disc and the entangled wire are cleaned up in time; keep the pneumatic device flexible.

Insensitive control measures for electrical cleaning

If there is too much residual cotton wax oil, clean it with special detergent or warm water every 15 days. Turn off the power when cleaning. At the same time, the sensitivity of the electric cleaning is planned to be corrected and tested to prevent insensitivity caused by deviation. In particular, there are many problems of insensitivity caused by the residual fuel of the dyed textiles, and the cleaning of this phenomenon should be strengthened.

Big nozzle cleaning

The inside of the big suction nozzle is not clean, the comb needles are entangled with the inverted teeth and the silk is cleaned once a month to remove the silk. Soak the big suction nozzle with warm water to remove the cotton wax. Check and repair the comb needles with damaged and inverted teeth in time to prevent entanglement.

Spinning twist

The twist of the spun yarn is too large, and the yarn is wound into a group after the end is broken. The twist is appropriately reduced according to the quality requirements. The twist factor of chemical fiber is controlled within 330, and cotton is controlled at about 370. If it is too large, it rebounds after the end breaks, and shrinks on the yarn ball, causing the thread to be attached.

Small suction nozzle negative pressure

The negative pressure of the small suction nozzle is too large. When the machine is stopped, the suction of the thread will cause the problem of the return of the thread. The negative pressure of the fan is set reasonably, and the negative pressure is set at 40 Hz without affecting the negative pressure of the suction. Inhale the nozzle under tension.



Electric clear U value

If the electric clear U value is set too large, it will cause the problem of double yarns and multiple yarns. Setting the U value below 75% will not easily increase the sensitivity. The lower the sensitivity, the stronger the ability to control the double yarn. If the sensitivity is too large, the non-cutting phenomenon caused by the insensitivity will increase the probability of the reeling group being attached.

Start and stop program control measures

When the machine is shut down and restarted or restarted by failure, the yarn will be interrupted and re-twisted, reducing the chance of entrapment of the yarn loop. There are two ways to stop the machine in the program of power on and off. One is to cut off the yarn by the electric cleaning operation when the machine is stopped, and the other is to stop the yarn without cutting when the slow stop is stopped. In this case, break the yarn end and re-twist the knot to reduce the entrapment of the yarn loop.

Temperature and humidity control measures

In order to solve this problem, measures have been taken to install a humidifying nozzle at the rear of the car to humidify at a fixed point, reducing the problem of electric cleaning caused by unbalanced temperature and humidity. The temperature, humidity and dust content control of the spinning workshop is also an important aspect. Only when the temperature and humidity are properly controlled can a good environment be created for the stability of spinning production and the quality of the product can be guaranteed. The dust content is high, the machine is worn out, and the bobbins are easy to grow hair, which affects cutting defects. At the same time, for the winder, too high temperature will cause the computer, motor, bearing, etc. to be easily damaged, and the dust content of the electric cleaning detection part is easy to get dirty. For capacitive electric cleaning, excessive humidity will damage it, which will also cause miscutting and affect efficiency. There are too many wrong cuts, and the yarn waste is easy to be attached to the yarn ball.

Adjustment of the big nozzle position

The position of the large suction nozzle is not correct, it is easy to cause the problems of poor yarn forming, middle yarn breakage and yarn climbing, which affects the weaving. The main reason is that the position of the large suction nozzle and the protective cover of the trough tube is incorrect, and the screws are not fastened firmly. Adjust the position to ensure that the distance between the protective cover of the large suction nozzle and the grooved barrel is 3 mm, and tighten the screws to effectively reduce the occurrence of this problem.

The big suction nozzle is skewed causing messy yarn

In order to solve this problem, a pit gasket with a length of 100 mm and a width of 30 mm was added to the joint between the large nozzle and the nozzle arm for fastening, and the friction factor was increased to make the large nozzle and the nozzle The tight connection between the arms solves this problem.

Refueling cycle is in place for small nozzle position

In response to this problem, the small suction nozzle assembly was calibrated, and the position of the yarn body was kept at 10 mm. At the same time, the lubrication cycle was strictly every 3 months to ensure good function and reduce the impact of its poor function on quality.

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