How to prevent man-made defects and sudden yarn defects


Quality control is an important aspect of improving pro […]

Quality control is an important aspect of improving product quality, and the idea of ​​"quality first" must be implemented in all production operations. Actively preventing artificial Polyester Sd Yarn defects and sudden yarn defects in the spinning process is one of the effective ways to ensure product quality.


To prevent man-made defects, we must achieve five preventions

1. Prevent roving defects

To improve the quality of wrapping, remove the flying flowers on the surface of the roving, including the inclined plane. After wrapping, make sure that the Polyester Sd Yarn end does not have roving on it, and does not empty the roving (especially the upper row).


2. Prevent joint defects

To improve the quality of the joint, three checks (check roving, collector, check stem) should be done before joining. When the connector encounters a white spot, it is necessary to pull off the reconnection. The flyback is not attached to the Polyester Sd Yarn, and the same head around the roller and rubber roller should be interrupted and pulled. Oily hands are not jointed (such as tapping the reel on the spindle, tapping the roller neck, twisting the roller seat, peeling the roller, tapping the steel plate, sweeping the floor, etc.).


3. Anti-coarse warp and coarse weft yarn

Pull the empty spindle to set the roving tail plate well to prevent double rovings from being fed.


4. Anti-twist twist-off weft yarn

One-handed operation and one-handed yarn are strictly prohibited.


5. Anti-cleaning work defects

Handle and see, resolutely implement the cleaning operation method, it is strictly prohibited to attach flying flowers to the yarn, causing yarn defects.

To prevent sudden high intermingle yarn defects, we must strictly control the four levels


1. Flat knock off

After flattening the car or after changing the rubber roller, the first doffing should be opened. Pay attention to the quality changes (such as uneven high intermingle yarn, light and heavy yarn, oily yarn, bobbin forming, broken end, etc.). If abnormal conditions are found, rectify immediately.


2. Craftsmanship clearance

According to the process requirements, master the color of the bobbin, traveller, roving, etc. used after the change to prevent wrong count.


3. Drive off after a meal

Before driving, the flying flowers attached to the machine and the gauze due to the skylights and lampshades should be cleared to prevent slub high intermingle yarn or broken ends.


4. Turn off the cold car

Make preparations before starting the car, pay attention to the drafting components and pressurization, after opening out one by one, pay attention to the apron and bobbin formation, especially in the case of many broken ends, especially to prevent the occurrence of artificial defects.

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