How to use ring spinning innovative technology to develop novel dyed yarn


In the current spinning field, although the development […]

In the current spinning field, although the development of new spinning is relatively fast, ring spinning still dominates, and dyed spinning is no exception. Using innovative technology to apply fancy yarn production technology to the production of colored spinning on the ring spinning machine, the colored spinning not only changes in color combination and multi-fiber combination, but also makes significant changes in morphology and structure. The variety of colored spinning yarn is more colorful, and the added value of the product is further improved.

1. Mélange AB yarn produced by Siro spinning technology

Siro spinning uses two roving strands to be fed into the spinning yarn. If the two strands are of different colors or raw materials, excellent spinning AB yarn and blended yarn can be produced. Moreover, the Siro spinning technology is changed on the ring spinning frame, which is convenient for investment and transformation, and the produced color-spun AB yarn has different characteristics from the conventional AB yarn. Therefore, it is currently popularized in ring spinning. Siro is used in Zhejiang. Spinning technology produces melange AB yarn in two forms: one is spinning Siro spinning AB yarn, and the other is roving Siro spinning AB yarn.

2. Spinning Siro spinning AB yarn

Two rovings of different colors are fed into the drafting zone of the same spinning frame at a certain distance, and the front roller of the spinning yarn is output. The two strands are twisted under the driving of the rotation of the ring and traveler. The transmission of the twist makes A single strand also has a small amount of twist in the same twist direction, but the main twist is still distributed on the twisted yarn, which is essentially different from the conventional two yarns used for warping and twisting. The color-spun AB yarn produced by Siro spinning technology has less hairiness and uniform evenness, so that the woven fabric has a fine, clean and smooth appearance. At the same time, since its yarn strength, evenness, hairiness and other quality indicators are better than conventional ring-spun yarns, it can be used as a yarn for high-quality fabric production.

3. Roving Siro spinning AB yarn

It is a novel dyed spun yarn developed on the basis of spun Siro spinning AB yarn. It uses a roving and a draw frame to be fed into the roving drafting zone at the same time to produce different styles of roving whiskers, and then through the ring spinning frame to produce excellent spinning AB yarn, which is compared with the color spinning AB yarn. It is more complicated, especially in the roving process. The color-spun AB yarn produced by the roving Siro spinning technology is suitable for the production of popular fabrics with rough and rough surface due to its large irregularities in yarn evenness. The surface style is natural and rough, with strong randomness and unevenness. style.

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