How is Polyester Sd Yarn different from other types of polyester yarn?

How is Polyester Sd Yarn different from other types of polyester yarn?

Update: 2024-05-09

1. Fiber structure and characteristics
fiber structure
Twisted structure: Polyester Sd Yarn undergoes special twisting treatment during the manufacturing process. Twisting refers to twisting or rotating multiple fibers or yarns according to certain rules so that they are intertwined and cohesive, thereby enhancing the strength and stability of the yarn. The twisted structure makes the fibers of Polyester Sd Yarn more closely arranged and the cohesion between fibers is enhanced, thus improving the overall performance of the yarn.
SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Unlike some hollow or fluffy fiber structures, Polyester Sd Yarn has a solid structure. This solid structure makes the fibers more uniform and less prone to breakage or fraying, thus increasing the durability of the yarn.
Smooth surface: The fiber surface of Polyester Sd Yarn is specially treated to make it smooth. This smooth surface not only reduces friction between fibers, but also makes the yarn smoother during the weaving process, making it less likely to pill or knot.

Fiber properties
HIGH STRENGTH: Polyester Sd Yarn has high strength due to the combination of twisting and solid construction. This allows it to maintain good stability and is not prone to breakage or deformation when subjected to external forces such as stretching and bending.
Wear resistance: Polyester Sd Yarn has a tight fiber structure and a smooth surface, making it very wear-resistant. During long-term use or friction, it is not easy to cause wear or pilling, thereby extending the service life of the yarn.
Good elasticity: The fiber of Polyester Sd Yarn has a certain degree of elasticity and can quickly return to its original shape after being subjected to external force. This good elasticity makes the yarn more flexible during the weaving process, and also makes the manufactured textiles have better stretchability and comfort.
Strong stability: Polyester Sd Yarn is less sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and has good stability. In different environments, its performance and appearance can maintain good stability and are not easily affected.
Easy processing: The fiber structure of Polyester Sd Yarn makes it easy to process. In processes such as weaving and dyeing, it can be processed and handled smoothly to meet different production needs.

2. Appearance and feel
Polyester Sd Yarn presents a unique texture in appearance, which is different from smooth plain yarn and fluffy plush yarn. Its unique texture makes the fabric visually more layered and three-dimensional. At the same time, due to the tightness of its fiber structure, Polyester Sd Yarn feels softer, more comfortable, and has a certain degree of elasticity, making the fabrics fit the body better when worn and used, and are less likely to cause a sense of restraint.

3. Performance and Application
Durability: The high strength and wear resistance of Polyester Sd Yarn make the textiles made from it less likely to wear, deform or pill during long-term use, thus greatly extending the service life of the textiles.
Wrinkle resistance: Compared with natural fibers such as cotton and linen, Polyester Sd Yarn has better wrinkle resistance. Even after many washes and wears, it retains its original flatness and beauty.
Stability: Polyester Sd Yarn is less sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, so the textiles made can maintain good performance and appearance in different environments.
Wide application: Due to its unique performance and characteristics, Polyester Sd Yarn is widely used in many fields such as clothing, home textiles, decorative fabrics, and industrial fabrics. Whether you need high-wear resistance outdoor clothing or soft and comfortable homewares, Polyester Sd Yarn can meet the needs.

4. Environmental protection and sustainability
As global attention to environmental protection and sustainability continues to increase, Polyester Sd Yarn has also made efforts in this area. By adopting environmentally friendly production processes and materials, and optimizing product design and production processes, Polyester Sd Yarn has achieved remarkable results in reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption. Some manufacturers are also actively exploring the possibility of recycling waste polyester fibers to contribute to the sustainable development of the textile industry.