Introduction of the three major yarns in the textile field


When it comes to textiles, yarn is naturally indispensa […]

When it comes to textiles, yarn is naturally indispensable. Whether it is the clothes we wear daily, or the bedding, curtains and other decorative items at home, they all need to be made of yarn. Generally speaking, there are three main types that are widely used in the textile field. Cotton yarn, polyester yarn and viscose yarn. Different yarns have different characteristics. Today, we will briefly understand the three different yarns.

The first is cotton yarn.

Cotton yarn is very common. Its raw material is cotton, which can be reflected on many clothings. It has good breathability, good hygroscopicity, good wearability, and insect resistance. It is suitable for direct reduction of azo, alkaline media, sulfur, reactive dyes. .

Followed by polyester.

The fabric is very stiff, cool, good shape retention, not easy to deform, wear-resistant, stable in size, easy to wash and dry, suitable for disperse dyes, diazo disperse dyes, soluble reducing dyes.

The last is viscose.

Viscose yarn is a relatively good screening. It has good hygroscopicity, good air permeability, bright colors, and a wide range of raw materials, low cost, close to natural fibers, and is suitable for dyes and cotton yarns.

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