The Benefits of Polyester Yarn


While the original production of polyester is still a c […]

While the original production of polyester is still a century old, the benefits it brings to society are substantial.
Aside from being a great option for cushion covers, Polyester Yarn can also be machine-washed. Leftovers from your knitting projects can be used to create a number of other useful items, including gift bags, coasters, and bath scrubbers. Since polyester fibers are able to absorb heat, they make the perfect material for making a variety of items that need to be durable and heat-resistant.

One type of polyester yarn is draw textured. It is made of polyester chips and is processed with false twisting and drafting. This short process results in a high quality polyester yarn that has good heat and light resistance. Unlike acrylic fiber, Polyester Yarn has a soft and pleasant hand. It also resists most chemicals. It can also be custom-made to meet your specific needs and specifications, including color, opacity, and other intermmed products.

Aside from being lightweight and easy to care for, Polyester yarns don't pill. While regular wear and tear results in loose fibers pushing out of a textile, pilling occurs when they get entangled with other fibers and anchor themselves. Polyester yarns don't pill, so they won't cause abrasion or discoloration. They also don't feel sticky or hot, which is a major benefit if you live in humid climates.

Like cotton yarn, polyester yarn is produced by spinning polymeric melt at temperatures between 265 degrees Celsius. This results in yarns with both amorphous and crystalline sections. As a result, polyester yarns are a thermoplastic with a zigzag structure with Van-der-Waals connections. Its tenacity depends on how much crystallization the fibers have, and how the yarns are oriented. Polyester yarns tend to hold their shape and resist wrinkles and stains, while cotton blends tend to be more absorbent.

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