What does SIM HIM NIM mean in foreign trade chemical fiber


HIM high-intermingled heavy network SIM slight-intermin […]

HIM high-intermingled heavy network
SIM slight-intermingled light net
NIM non-intermingled
High-intermingled heavy net with 100-120 knots per meter
Slight-intermingled light nets with 40-50 knots per meter
There are 0-10 knots per meter called non-intermingled
3: In layman's terms:
The heavy net is the kind of polyester yarn that is pulled by hand, and it is difficult to unravel.
The light net is the kind of low fastness of the net, that is, the polyester yarn is pulled by hand, and it is scattered when it is pulled.
No network is no network point
Special attention should be paid here, there is no necessary connection between the light network and the number of network points. There are many light network network points, but they are scattered, commonly known as fake network points.
4: DTY (Draw texturing yarn, also known as polyester low elastic yarn
It is made of polyester chips (PET) as raw material, using high-speed spinning of polyester pre-oriented yarn (POY-preoriented yarn), and then processed by drafting and false twisting. It has the characteristics of short process, high efficiency and good quality. In addition to the high breaking strength and elastic modulus of general polyester, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy washing and quick drying, etc., it also has high bulkiness, It has the characteristics of good heat insulation, comfortable hand feeling and soft luster.

250D96F RW NIM Polyester Yarn  750/240 900/288 1200/384

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