What Is Spandex Synonym For Elastane?


Did you know that Spandex is a synonym for elastane? If […]

Did you know that Spandex is a synonym for elastane? If not, read on for more information about this stretchy, synthetic fiber. It is also non-biodegradable. Scientists use it to create fabrics with desirable properties. Spandex fibers are composed of segments that bond together when stretched to their maximum length. This makes them stronger and stiffer. However, they regain their relaxed state once a force is removed.

Spandex is a synonym for elastane
Elastane is a material made from elastomers. These synthetic fibers are stretchy and can expand to up to eight times their original length. When added to clothing, the result is a garment that is remarkably durable and comfortable. Spandex can stretch up to eight times its original length, but is usually only a small percentage of the fabric's total weight. Elastane adds a form-fitting quality to otherwise non-stretchable materials.

It is stretchable
In its most basic form, spandex yarn is a type of polymer fiber that is a unique blend of natural and synthetic materials. Its unique polymer structure gives it the unique ability to stretch up to 500 percent of its length. However, its draft may vary based on the application. The stretchable property of this fabric is ideal for clothing applications since it can retain its shape and maintain comfort while wearing it. In addition, it is non-allergenic and is widely used in clothing, coverings, and circular knitting.

It is non-biodegradable
The word "biodegradable" connotes a quick biodegradation process. Natural fabrics are able to degrade much faster than synthetics, though rayon is a notable exception. With increasing global waste, this is a growing concern in the fashion industry. In fact, about four percent of the world's waste was created by the fashion industry in 2015.

It is synthetic
Spandex yarn is a synthetic fiber composed of at least two components: an outer covering or 'cover' and a core wire. Spandex is used in garments requiring permanent elasticity, including sportswear, tights, and corsetry. Its density can range from 15 to 40%. Its covering power is an expression of its ability to hold its shape. The main purpose of spandex yarn is to create textured fabrics.

It is used in a variety of garments
Spandex is a type of polymer that can be mixed with other fibers to produce fabrics for a range of garments. Most of the time, it is blended with cotton or polyester, which leaves the final fabric with the look and feel of these other fibers. The global demand for spandex yarns exceeds 650,000 tons a year. To create fabrics with this special fiber, spinning processes are unique.

It is covered
When spun into a fabric, Spandex yarn is usually covered by a single layer of nylon or polyester. Covered yarns have a smooth and even appearance, and are often used for knitted fabrics. Single-covered yarns have a more noticeable core, which is more likely to show wear and tear over time. Kingbird covered spandex yarn is a high-quality, high-tech solution for knitted fabrics.

It is dyed
It's no secret that Spandex yarn is dyed differently from cotton. Cotton and spandex are blended fabrics that blend nicely with cold water fiber reactive dyes like Procion MX. Cotton yarn is dyed separately because spandex is usually covered by cotton. Therefore, fiber reactive dyes aren't ideal for dyeing spandex. However, you can dye cotton and spandex yarn together in one dyeing process to achieve a similar color.

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