What is the difference between compact siro spinning and color spinning slub yarn

What is the difference between compact siro spinning and color spinning slub yarn

Update: 2021-07-22

Compact siro spinning

It is a dyed yarn produced by closely combining Siro spinning technology and compact spinning technology. It enables the technical advantages of the two to be fully utilized, and the colored spun yarn produced has higher strength, less hairiness, better evenness, and higher product added value. It is modified to install a compact Siro spinning device on the ring spinning frame. During spinning, two parallel roving strands are fed into the drafting zone of the spinning frame at a certain distance.

The strands pass through the drafting zone. Then, before outputting from the front roller jaws, they pass through the double suction grid ring with a certain distance, so that the whisker gradually transforms from a flat ribbon into a cylinder, and then passes through the collecting roller to output to a point, and twist and wind to On the bobbin. The color-spun yarn produced by the compact Siro spinning technology is currently mainly used in knitted fabrics, and the "fish scale" ripples can appear on the cloth surface with a hazy and three-dimensional effect. Due to the tight yarn structure, high strength, uniform evenness, and less hairiness, the fabric has good abrasion resistance and anti-pilling resistance. It is an ideal yarn for making high-end clothing.

Color spinning slub yarn

It is a very popular novel colored spun yarn, which has been widely used in knitted fabrics and home textiles. It is equipped with a set of slub yarn device controlled by a servo motor on the ring spinning Machine to realize the change of the front, middle and back roller speeds, so that the yarn has variable thick knots and details, forming a slub style. The main parameters for producing slub yarn include base yarn density, average linear density, slub length, slub thickness, slub spacing, and circulation mode.

The fabric produced by the colored spun slub yarn has a three-dimensional concave-convex effect on the fabric. The slub can be distributed evenly or randomly, and has a unique fancy effect of good air permeability and rough hand feeling. It has a strong market in the market. Competitiveness and development value. However, the thickness of the slub of the dyed slub yarn for knitting should not exceed the size of the needle eye, otherwise it is easy to cause defects such as broken needles and fabric holes. When used as denim yarn, the twist of the yarn should be too large to improve the wear resistance of the fabric.