What is the difference between hemp grey yarn and colored yarn


1. Production of Hemp Grey Yarn Hemp gray yarn is a col […]

1. Production of Hemp Grey Yarn

Hemp gray yarn is a color-spun yarn developed in the 1980s. It is made of a blend of black and white fibers. And the content of colored fiber is different, divided into dark, medium and light. The proportion of dark fiber is greater than 50%, and the proportion of light fiber is between 1.5-10%. Hemp gray yarn began to be produced mainly with pure cotton, and has gradually developed into polyester/cotton hemp gray yarn, pure polyester hemp gray yarn and pure viscose hemp gray yarn. Although with the advancement of spinning technology, the variety of mélange yarns continues to develop, hemp gray yarn is suitable for most enterprises because of its simple process and small color changes of raw materials. Therefore, it still occupies a large proportion in the production of mélange yarn.

2. Production of colored yarn

Colored yarn is a colored spinning yarn developed from the 90s on the basis of hemp grey yarn. It is made of two or more different color fiber materials blended, and at most five to six different colors of raw materials are used to spun into yarn. The development of colored yarn is to adapt to the psychological needs of people's aesthetics, keep up with the trend of popular colors at home and abroad, and integrate the popular colors of clothing fabrics in each period in the spinning. It changes the monotonous pattern of hemp grey yarn, presents a colorful and bright style, and is the yarn for making mid-to-high-end clothing.

The processing technology of hemp grey yarn and colored yarn is divided into two types: combing technology and carding technology. The former is called combed hemp grey yarn and combed colored yarn, and the latter is called combed hemp grey yarn or combed colored yarn. However, the general production of colored yarn is mostly through the combing process to improve the quality of the yarn.

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