Advantages of DTY Yarn


DTY yarns have various advantages over ordinary polyest […]

DTY yarns have various advantages over ordinary polyester yarns. Their technical properties enable them to be shaped and molded, and they can be heat-set to make specific uses possible. As a result, they are suitable for both apparel and non-apparel applications. In fact, they are the leading producers and exporters of textured yarns in the world. Their presence in over 40 countries also proves their versatility and quality.


DTY yarn is manufactured from a polyester-based polyolefin (POY) yarn. The yarn is drawn, twisted, and curled to develop its unique texture. The result is a yarn with characteristics of both synthetic and natural fiber. DTY yarns are typically used in weaving and knitting fabrics and can be purchased in various colors and textures. There are three major types of DTY yarn: semi-dull, bright, and triloble-bright.


Polypropylene is another type of polyester. It is used primarily for texturizing and is a common base for draw-warping and knitting fabrics. The high level of efficiency makes it a preferred choice for many different applications. Its fine, dull vision and super-emulation touch make it an excellent material for apparel and home décor. It is also used in high-end fashion and sportswear. You can make clothing, shoes, and luggage with it.

FDY yarn is produced similarly to POY yarn, though it does not shrink as much. It is available in various colors and denier ratings, and is widely used in clothes, curtains, and carpets. A number of high-end yarn manufacturers.


DTY yarn is a high-quality synthetic fiber that is suitable for a variety of applications. It is perfect for skin-clinging clothing, outer/inner garments, and upholstery. It has been designed to replace cotton blend yarns with low moisture content. Its high-speed draw texturizing process also uses high-quality anti-static lubricating oils. This means that it can be dyed with superior quality.


Depending on the desired luster and appearance, our yarn is available in different lusters. has a shiny luster and makes the fabric look great. While most of this yarn is available in Raw White, it can also be colored using Dope Dyed technology. Essentially, a color master-batch is mixed into the raw material, and the end result is Dope Dyed POY yarn.

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