Different Qualities of Polyester Sd Yarn

Different Qualities of Polyester Sd Yarn

Update: 2022-11-20

Among the many types of yarn, polyester sd yarn stands out because of its high durability. The yarn has an exceptional ability to retain its shape, color and texture even under conditions. It can be used to make clothing, blankets, and many other items. The yarn is available in various qualities. It includes the draw texturized (DTY), the fully drawn (FDY), and the spandex (SD) Yarn. It has different lustres as well. The yarn also has the ability to stretch and shrink to suit the needs of the user.

Draw Texturised Yarn (DTY)
DFPL Draw Texturised Polyester Sd Yarn (DTY) is a high-bulk, soft-crimp polyester yarn that is manufactured using the latest texturising Machines. It is widely used in high-end apparel, bedding, drapery, and sportswear. It is also used in furniture upholstery and textile applications.

The yarn is processed using the latest high-speed draw texturising Machines. The result is a textured yarn with an attractive and pleasing texture.

Textured yarns are manufactured by texturizing partially oriented polyester yarn (POY). Texturing gives the yarn the same stretch and bulk properties as natural fibers. It also imparts a smooth, fluffy appearance. These yarns can be produced in a variety of colors and lusters.

Polyester DTY yarn can be produced in various densities. It can be dyed and dope-dyed. It can be spun to high twists, and is available in Bright, Semi-Dull, Trilobal Bright, and Full Dull.

Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)
FDY or Fully Drawn Polyester Yarn is a type of synthetic fiber filament that is produced by an intermediate drawing process. These yarns are used for a variety of purposes including Home Furnishing Fabrics and industrial applications. They are also used to produce polyester embroidery threads.

The process of producing FDY yarn involves spinning at higher speeds, which results in a higher density of filament winding. This filament winding process also results in the stabilization of yarn through orientation. It also helps to achieve a uniform dyeing.

Fully Drawn Yarn is made up of a combination of twisted and semi-twisted polyester fibers. These yarns are highly durable and are suitable for a variety of applications. They are also weather resistant. They are available in different colours and lusters.

Elongation and shrinkage
Various thermal aging parameters such as aging temperature, aging time, and amount of shrinkage influence the internal structure of polyester yarns and their mechanical properties. This study explores the effect of the above-mentioned parameters on the elongation and shrinkage of polyester Sd yarns.

The study shows that the aging temperature and aging time have significant effects on the mechanical properties of high tenacity polyester yarn. The percentage elongation of the yarn has increased with the increase in aging temperature and decreased with the increase in aging time. Similarly, the amount of shrinkage has decreased with the increase in aging temperature.

Tenacity of the yarn increased with the increase in aging time but it was not significantly different from the unaged sample. Percent elongation showed the largest difference in the few minutes of thermal aging. In addition, the tenacity of the yarn aged for 12 minutes under 200 degC was al equal to that of the yarn aged for 35 minutes under the same temperature.

Various lustres
Various lustres of Polyester Sd yarn are used in various industries. Some of them are used in apparels, bed sheets, carpets, home furnishings, safety belts, and bags.

Several processes are used to alter the surface of the textile. These processes affect the reflection of light. The physical property of luster is also affected. In textiles, luster refers to the shiny or dull appearance of a textile.

The main use of Polyester yarn is in apparel manufacturing. Polyester yarn is also used to make technical textiles and monofilament yarn. It has elasticity and recovery in the fabric. It is also available in various deniers. Some of the deniers include 70/1, 70/2, 110/1, and 110/2. The deniers range from raw white to double ply.

Spandex Yarn
Typically used for home textiles, polyester DTY is a high-quality yarn that is available in many different densities. This yarn is used in weaving fabrics for home textiles, clothing, and footwear. It is known for its low moisture content and durability. It can be used as an ideal replacement for cotton.


Polyester DTY yarn is processed to provide durability in its crimps and loops. This yarn is also dope dyed for a variety of applications. It is available in various densities, including Bright, Trilobal Bright, Semi Dull, and High-Intermingle. It is also available in different colours, including white, grey, and black. It is usually packaged in paper bobbins or carton boxes.

Polyester DTY yarn is often used to produce outer garments, including jackets, sweaters, and coats. It also serves as a substitute for cotton in kni