1200D/384F Wholesale

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Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
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Packing details:CARTON
Neutral Packing details:CARTON
Delivery time:7DAYS
Payment method:T/T 30/70
As famous China 1200D/384F manufacturers and 1200D/384F factory, Hangzhou Dingkai Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd offer kinds of 1200D/384F with different DENIER such as 75D, 100D, 150D, 300D, 200D, 250D, 300D, 450D and 600D. Color include classic color such as white, black, gray and other colorful color include orange, Red, Pink, Brown, Lilac, Magnolia etc. We also offer Non-intermingled(NIM)-0-10 knots per meter,slight-intermingled(SIM): 40-50 knots per meter,and high-intermingled(HIM) :100-120 knots per meter for different yarn need.