How to control the spinning process

How to control the spinning process

Update: 2020-06-10

Spinning process control


The spinning process and equipment conditions are a major cause of color stalls and color differences in semi-worsted spinning. If there is a variety that does not match the production process in one of these places, such problems will become more apparent.


1.Control the quality index of raw materials


The ingredients of raw materials must meet the requirements of customers, and the quality index control of raw materials should be carefully controlled through feeding. If the length of the raw material is large and the micronaire value of the fiber is too low or too short, then it should be opened, the gap in the process should be adjusted during production, the impact should be minimized, and the negative growth of impurities and linters should be reduced. Control, can not cause color difference. When selecting raw materials, consider the changes in product color and style. According to the Hamilton effect, fully understand the law of the fiber transfer along the radial direction of the blended yarn, and highlight the outer fiber style.


2.Reasonably choose the previous process route


If the route is different, there will be color difference and color file. If you use a bucket to feed or clear flowers, the color is different. The reason is that when the flowers are cleared, short velvet or poorly opened strands and hard blocks will be excluded, thereby changing the proportion of raw material ingredients, and the wool bucket also lacks the effect of falling out of the pile. If the mixture of clear flowers is used to reduce the difference in clear flowers or feeding buckets, then it is necessary to carefully control the different shapes and opening degrees of various types of colored fibers, otherwise the colored fibers of different shapes delivered during clear flowers Or the raw materials with different opening degrees will be selectively transported by the curtain, especially for those fibers with large hygroscopicity and specific gravity difference, and the color difference between the cotton roll layer and the layer will eventually appear, making the whole batch of long fragments There are chromatic aberrations. Therefore, we must ensure the quality of the hair and the opening of the hair, the shape and size should be unified, and the opening of the mixed clear flower is better. Slightly adjust the raw materials with different composition ratios, and use the color card as the reference when clearing the flowers, so that the proportion of the yarn fiber meets the requirements of the color card, and the color is stable.



3.Optimizing the doffing process of the carding process


The carding process is especially critical in the production of semi-clear spinning. If there is a little difference, the problem of color difference and color file will become very serious. Specifically, of all, different Machines have different clutter, which results in sliver color difference between the Machines; secondly, the proportion of raw material components in the Machine doff is different, and sliver color difference occurs. In fact, both of these problems are related to the amount of noil and the proportion of fiber composition. As long as the production is guaranteed to be consistent, the color and shade of the finished yarn will be stable. Therefore, to ensure the healthy operation of the equipment, the impurity rate between the Machines must be well controlled. In addition, the process parameters such as card clothing, gauge and speed of the Machine also need to be consistent, and the carding Machine cannot be used to pick the raw material comb.


4.Number of process channels


After dyeing some raw materials, there will be velvet board flowers when drawing, and some are still many. The velvet board flowers are composed of fine fibers or are caused by dyeing, which is relatively short. If the contrast of the dyeing of such fibers is too large, then the different number of parallel channels makes the number of fleece flowers different, and color difference is easy to appear. Therefore, we should pay attention to certain varieties, small samples and large goods when drawing the number of processes. The batches must be the same, and can not deviate from the small sample process to prevent color differences and color files.