How to maintain the spinning frame equipment

How to maintain the spinning frame equipment

Update: 2021-03-11

Equipment maintenance is a reliable guarantee for the high-speed operation of the spinning frame. With the improvement of equipment manufacturing precision and labor requirements of textile enterprises, the traditional equipment maintenance mode is changing, but the operating status of the equipment must be guaranteed. From the perspective of adapting to high speeds, the following work should be done in equipment maintenance:

① When the equipment is repaired or under special protection, do the horizontal work of the frame, front and rear of the car. With the promotion of the long spinning Machine, the level of the ground is also required. The ground should be checked frequently, and it is found that there are sinks and cracks. Adjust the equipment level in time;

② In combination with small flat cars or special safeguards, the level of the ring plate should be made to ensure that the ring plate is on the same plane;

③ Make the verticality of the verticality of the lifting rail of the ring plate, to ensure that the lifting rotors on both sides run flexibly along the columns, without jamming or falling out;

④ Do a good job of centering the spindle in combination with flat-wiring and overturning, and keep the ring, spindle and yarn guide three concentric;

⑤ Do a good job in the correction of the cleaner gap in combination with the car to prevent the head from being broken due to too small, and the accumulation of flowers cannot be removed due to too large;

⑥ Inspect and calibrate the eccentric bending of spindles and spindles in combination with flat cars, and carefully calibrate the level of spindles;

⑦ Strengthen the daily inspection of spindles, bobbins, and spindles, and replace them in time if they are found to be bounced, the spindles are too long or worn;

⑧ Inspect the spindle reels one by one in combination with a small flat car or special protection, remove inflexible spindle tension disks, and refuel;

⑨ Combine the flat car to shape the flute tube and remove the burr of the flute suction port. When inspecting, pay attention to the position of the flute suction port to ensure that the broken ends are inhaled in time, and normal fibers will not be sucked away.