• What Is Polyester High Elastic Yarn?

    What Is Polyester High Elastic Yarn?

    Polypropylene high elastic yarn is a type of fabric that is made of deformed fiber. This material is usually more stretchable than other fabrics and is commonly used in nylon stretch shirts, swimsuits, and socks. It is a form of synthetic fabric that is used in high-tech industries such as electroni... read more

    Feb 09,2022 News
  • Draw Texturing Yarn

    Draw Texturing Yarn

    Draw texturing yarn is polyester yarn with different textures and a high emulation feature. This kind of fabric is used for various types of fabrics, such as sports apparel, top-grade garments, bedding, and drapery products. This type of textile is highly flexible and can be processed in various way... read more

    Jan 30,2022 News
  • Advantages of Polyester High Elastic Yarn

    Advantages of Polyester High Elastic Yarn

    A variety of advantages makes polyester high elastic yarn an excellent choice for stretch fabrics. It is versatile and suitable for different fabric making processes. It provides excellent tensile strength and elasticity. It can maintain its original shape in a wide variety of temperatures and is a ... read more

    Jan 22,2022 News
  • What You Should Know About Conventional Polyester Yarn

    What You Should Know About Conventional Polyester Yarn

    A conventional polyester yarn has a higher luster than a viscose filament. It is also stronger and more supple than synthetic or artificial thread. However, it lacks the smoothness and softness of other materials.  The same properties can also be found in brushed rayon and cotton. A brushed rayon th... read more

    Jan 15,2022 News
  • China High Intermingle Yarn

    China High Intermingle Yarn

    DENIER high intermingle yarn has been a major innovation in the textile industry for decades. Its fiber is made up of many layers and has different qualities, such as higher durability and abrasion resistance. This type of fibre is also a popular choice for fabrics with multiple colors. The most pro... read more

    Jan 09,2022 News