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If you're looking for polyester color yarn or polyester […]

If you're looking for polyester color yarn or polyester filament yarn, you can contact Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co.,Ltd. Established in 2006, this company specializes in polyester color yarn and filament yarns. The company's headquarters is located in Yaqian Town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China. This area is considered the center of polyester yarn industry in China.

Easy-dyeable polyester color yarn offers a number of benefits to manufacturers. These benefits include reduced production costs, capacity expansion, and the flexibility to dye polyester with other fibers. These characteristics can enhance fabric designs and create a melange effect. Another major benefit of this yarn is that it is sustainable, reducing its carbon footprint.

Easy-dyeable polyester yarn can be produced using ordinary processes and requires no special facilities. It has higher color intensities than standard polyester yarns. In addition, the dyeing temperatures are reduced dramatically. This means that the process can be carried out more quickly and with less waste.

Easy-dyeable polyester fibers have a fourth-degree color fastness. The fibers have high bathochromatic values and are suitable for various types of dyeing processes. They also exhibit high color absorption.

Interval color
Interval color polyester yarns are a novel type of composite yarn prepared by ring spinning. It contains natural cotton staple fiber and colored polyester filament as raw materials. This type of yarn is characterized by a segmented structure and a stereoscopic visual effect. Moreover, the blend ratio of the two raw materials has a significant impact on the cyclic interval color of the composite yarn. The present work focuses on the coloration characteristics of this type of composite yarn.

It is made of interval color segmented yarns that interweave with white yarns to produce a cloth surface of a light gray color. As the segments are randomly arranged in the fabric, they confer a texture of a stereo effect. The interlaced segments of the two yarns give the cloth surface a rich and beautiful color change.

YG (B) 086
This investigation is centered around a specific polyester textured yarn that originated from Vietnam. This yarn possesses several special characteristics that make it suitable for various applications, including clothing, footwear, and home textiles. We will discuss some of these characteristics. To begin, let's look at its linear density.

This synthetic yarn is a blend of polyester and cotton. It was produced by using a controlled ring spinning method. The polyester filaments are 80D/36F, while the cotton rovings are 6.0 g/10.0 m. The composite yarn was then prepared using a drafting system, where the parameters for preparation of the composite yarn were the twist multiplier 380, back drafting ratio 1.5, and filament pretension 15 cN.

One of the latest developments in polyester color yarn is cationic dyeing. This technology allows for seamless dyeing and makes it possible to create a range of different colors. The result is a versatile fabric that will suit many different applications. It can be used to create garments with a solid or heathered look, and it is ideal for base layers, sleepwear, activewear, and more.

Polyester yarn is a synthetic fiber made from man-made polymers. It's also machine washable, lightweight, and strong. It's ideal for garments that are washed often and need to be durable. In addition, polyester yarn is extremely versatile, available in a wide range of beautiful colors. It is often blended with other fibers to enhance its strength and stability. Compared to cotton, which tends to sag and pill, polyester yarn maintains its shape much better.

In addition to textile applications, polyester yarn can be used to create polyester film, insulation tapes, and ropes. Polyester thread is also used to produce floppy disks, and in car tires and athletic clothing.

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