Members of the polyester yarn family

Members of the polyester yarn family

Update: 2019-12-20

Polyester yarn is a kind of raw material of woven fabrics. The raw materials of woven fabrics are collectively called yarns or silks, and the corresponding ones are cotton yarns and rayon yarns.

Nylon yarn, wool yarn, hemp yarn and so on. Dingkai Fiber controls the entire production process of polyester yarn products and the required environmental factors, effectively uses energy and resources, and reduces the impact of production activities on the environment. Polyester yarn is a synthetic fiber with a scientific name of polyethylene terephthalate. Its main advantage is that it hardly absorbs moisture. The cloth made of it is easy to clean and dry quickly, it is firm and firm, and it is not easy to lift. wrinkle.

With the continuous rapid update of modern equipment, in order to produce different cotton yarns that meet people's requirements, different processing procedures must be adopted, and the process has also been adjusted to varying degrees, such as spinning pure cotton yarns and polyester-cotton blended yarns. Due to the different raw materials used, the different physical properties of the various raw materials themselves and the quality requirements of the products to be produced are also different, and different production processes are required during processing. The device can merge some of these processes together, making actual observations less work that was previously necessary. Through continuous innovation in textile technology, the quality of the products produced is more and more reassuring. After Dingkai Fiber introduced a brief introduction to polyester yarn, you can better understand polyester yarn.

Polyester stretch yarn in polyester yarn can produce various fabrics. Not only that, it also has a different feel and a silk-like appearance, light and breathable; home decoration, apparel, industrial fabrics and automotive fabrics It is widely used in weaving various artificial silk fabrics.

Polyester fully drawn yarn, high strength, good tube forming, fineness, strength, low elongation unevenness, uniform dyeing and other benefits; usually suitable for the needs of high-speed warping Machines and high-speed shuttleless looms, directly used in Knitting and warp knitting. Widely used in spinning, fleece, single-faced velvet, velvet, mercerized velvet, corduroy, fleece, warp-knitted plush, warp-knit short-pile, warp-knitted velvet, warp-knitted velvet, warp-knitted Mesh cloth, warp-knitted mercerized silk, loop fleece, velvet, five pieces of satin, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, water-jet light spinning, water-jet eight pieces of satin, weft Oxford cloth, nested Oxford cloth, jacquard window cloth, printing Window cloth and other fabrics.