NIM Polyester Sd Yarns


NIM Polyester Sd Yarns are used in a wide variety of pr […]

NIM Polyester Sd Yarns are used in a wide variety of products. Whether you need a suit fabric, a bed net, or a decorative swatch for your car, this yarn is ideal. It's also an excellent choice for making curtain cloth and lace.

Catonic DTY yarn
NIM Polyester Sd and Catonic DTY yarns are two types of polyester yarns. These two types are manufactured with different heating techniques and are used for different applications. The first type is the 1 Heater DTY, which is normally woolly in nature and is stretchable. The other type is the Catonic DTY, which is usually twisted and uses the Catonic PET chips for production.

The yarn is made from a combination of polyester chips, which are bright or semi-opaque. It is produced using the latest machines and is available in two colors. It is used for various textile applications, such as sofa fabrics, curtains, shirts, ties, and worsted. It can also be used for printing and dyeing in three-dimensional patterns. This allows for the use of less dyes and reduces the overall energy consumption of the textile industry.

Textured polyester chemical fiber
NIM Polyester Sd Yarn is a type of textured polyester chemical fiber that is available in different specifications. This yarn is made from bright and semi-opaque polyester chips and produced using modern machines. This type of yarn is available in both white and colored variants. It is available in various specifications and is available at affordable prices.

Draw textured yarn is used for weaving and knitting fabrics. It is also used in making bags, seat covers, and curtains. It is also available in different densities and colors.

Suitable for suit fabric
NIM Polyester Sd yarns are available in white and black colors and are ideal for suit fabric. They are made of polyester chips with bright and semi-opaque properties and are produced with the latest machines. This type of yarn can be used for different purposes, such as apparel and decorative draperies. This polyester fiber is strong and durable. It can be dyed or printed to meet specific requirements.

NIM Polyester Sd yarns are suitable to make suits, sportswear, and home textiles. The yarns are dyed in a low temperature, making them environmentally friendly. The dyeing process also saves energy, resulting in less carbon emission. They are also known as Cool Yarns because they improve water permeability and help dry fabric faster. They are also used in active sportswear, home textile, and footwear.

Bed nets
There are two basic types of NIM Polyester Sd Yarns. The first is a monofilament yarn and the second is a polyfilament yarn. The difference between these yarns lies in their tensile strength. The tensile strength of the polyfilament yarn depends on the diameter and number of filaments. For PE LLIN, the manufacturers can increase the tensile strength by increasing the number of filaments, or by reducing the diameter. This will increase the resistance of the net to tearing.

Two 75 D PES nets were significantly weaker than the others, and this was likely related to different origins of the polyester used. One of them was also slightly heavier. Interestingly, the slope of the strength parametre to square metre weight for polyester was very low. This means that the 100 D PES nets are not more durable than the 75 D PES nets, but the two PE nets had denier values that were higher than the specifications.

NIM Polyester Sd Yarns are available in different specifications for use in bedding. These fibers can be used for a variety of applications including knitting and weaving for apparel fabrics and bedding products. These yarns are also used for decorative supplies such as curtain cloth, sofa cloth and wall paper. They are also used in the making of all kinds of lace and ribbons.

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