• Polyester Staple Fibre

    Polyester Staple Fibre

    What exactly is polyester yarn? Pure polyester yarn is created by spinning pure polyester yarn with a flat-ended needle. The needle, which is threaded, contains several layers of thick polyester yarn. The layers are called threads. There are different kinds of threads. There are also various kinds o... read more

    Nov 13,2021 News
  • Spandex Yarn Uses

    Spandex Yarn Uses

    Spandex clothing is one of the most popular types of clothing that are being manufactured in bulk quantities. Spandex is made from fiber that is derived from cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber. Cotton and wool can be woven into thread to produce a fabric, while synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyeste... read more

    Nov 06,2021 News
  • Polyester Fabric Facts

    Polyester Fabric Facts

    The use of polyester has brought a revolutionary change in the textile industry. It is a fiber that can be woven at very high speeds. The use of the cotton fiber and nylon has been previously used but the PC technology changed all that. There are essentially three kinds of Polyester Yarn. Namely, Sp... read more

    Oct 30,2021 News
  • 6 Beneficial Benefits of Polyester Yarn

    6 Beneficial Benefits of Polyester Yarn

    The Polyester yarn brought a major revolution in the worldwide textile industry. Various varieties of Polyester Yarn are available in the market. Currently there are around four types of Polyester Yarn. Polyester Filament yarns are made by using two similar but different types of yarn, PET and Dyes.... read more

    Oct 23,2021 News
  • What to Know About Nim Draw Texturing Yarn

    What to Know About Nim Draw Texturing Yarn

    When learning how to draw textured drawings, you will first need to know the terms that are commonly used in the art world. Name DY ( Drawn text) / POY(Pre-verted Yarn) color grade AA, A. Other types are S, G and Z. The grades are based on the thickness of the fibers. Other terms to memorize are HOM... read more

    Oct 16,2021 News