• Types and Uses of Polyester Yarn

    Types and Uses of Polyester Yarn

    If you're thinking about starting a knitting project, you might want to consider using Polyester Yarn. Its appearance is similar to wool, and its relatively cheap price makes it an excellent choice for beginner knitters. If you're already a skilled knitter, however, you may want to try a larger proj... read more

    Jul 15,2022 News
  • What Is Spandex Synonym For Elastane?

    What Is Spandex Synonym For Elastane?

    Did you know that Spandex is a synonym for elastane? If not, read on for more information about this stretchy, synthetic fiber. It is also non-biodegradable. Scientists use it to create fabrics with desirable properties. Spandex fibers are composed of segments that bond together when stretched to th... read more

    Jul 09,2022 News
  • What Is Polyester Yarn?

    What Is Polyester Yarn?

    What is Polyester Yarn? This type of yarn is manufactured using a process called spinning. The spinning process elongates the polyester molecule five times its original length. This stretching process aligns the polyester molecules in parallel formation, increasing their strength, tensile strength, ... read more

    Jul 03,2022 News
  • The Benefits of Polyester Yarn

    The Benefits of Polyester Yarn

    While the original production of polyester is still a century old, the benefits it brings to society are substantial. Aside from being a great option for cushion covers, Polyester Yarn can also be machine-washed. Leftovers from your knitting projects can be used to create a number of other useful it... read more

    Jun 25,2022 News
  • Polypropylene Draw Texturing Yarn

    Polypropylene Draw Texturing Yarn

    This article covers Polypropylene Draw Texturing Machine and its uses. It also discusses the Physical properties of draw textured yarn and its variations in draw ratios. It concludes with a brief review of the draw yarn manufacturing process. For further information, please refer to the references l... read more

    Jun 18,2022 News