Roving quality has a direct impact on spinning quality


Roving quality has a direct effect on spinning quality. […]

Roving quality has a direct effect on spinning quality. The roving drafting process should be reasonably configured through process selection to reduce the roving evenness CV and quality unevenness as much as possible, and create good conditions for the spun yarn to improve the evenness and increase the strength.


1) Roving twist coefficient is closely related to spinning quality and process parameter configuration. Appropriately increasing the roving twist coefficient is conducive to the control of the fibers in the drafting zone of the spun yarn to improve the yarn evenness and prevent the formation of details due to accidental drafting during the unwinding of the roving. However, a too high twist coefficient often results in poor drafting of the spun yarn, an increase in coarse details, and even a draft that cannot be opened, resulting in a large number of end breaks. In actual production, factors such as roving ration, fiber status, performance of spinning drafting mechanism and drafting process parameters should be comprehensively considered.




2) The monitoring of the roving mechanical wave should be strengthened through periodic inspections, and the backward spindles and machines that produce more harmful mechanical waves should be promptly organized for maintenance and removed. Roving has less twist and looser entanglement between fibers. We must pay attention to the function of false twister to prevent the unclean roving channel and poor condition of the collector from causing poor fiber structure, affecting the drafting of the spun yarn, and increasing the details of the yarn.


3) Roving elongation will not only affect the roving evenness and quality unevenness, but also have a greater impact on the spun yarn quality unevenness, evenness and strength unevenness. Efforts should be made to reduce the roving elongation and strictly control before and after the roving The difference in elongation between rows, large and small yarns and spindles. At the same time, pay attention to reduce the accidental drafting of the roving sliver on the overhead guide, to ensure that the anti-detail device of the roving frame works normally, and to prevent the influence of the details of the roving frame on and off on the spun yarn breakage.

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