Spandex Yarn Uses


Spandex clothing is one of the most popular types of cl […]

Spandex clothing is one of the most popular types of clothing that are being manufactured in bulk quantities. Spandex is made from fiber that is derived from cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber. Cotton and wool can be woven into thread to produce a fabric, while synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and others are spun to create cloth.

Spandex fabric is made by threads similar to the fiber that makes up cotton and wool. There are two kinds of these fabrics; one is a woven thread and another is a machine made spandex yarn. Spandex is made by the continuous process of fiber spinning and then pulling the threads through a spool. Spandex is commonly sold with the measurement of fiber weight on the rear of the spool. The typical units of measurement for spandex yarn weights range from ten to a hundred denier.

The other major type of material used to manufacture spandex fabrics are the polyester/reneelastic blends. Polyester and Elastane are synthetic fibers that have excellent tensile strength and elasticity. Polyester and Elastane yarn are commonly sold in rolls with varying density and thread count. There are three main manufacturers that make and sell spandex blends. Name brand manufacturers such as Jost, CertainTeed, and Spandexex, Inc. Dkyarn, produce and sell high quality elastane yarn and spandex mixes.

Many different nations have their own versions of spandex covered yarn. Some countries produce the blends for their domestic market while others export the products to the rest of the world. This is because each country has their own market and needs. In most cases the countries that export their products use imported fibers. The exception would be countries in South America where they grow their own cotton and use the blends.

Spandex covered fabrics are very versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications. Sporting equipment such as cleats and running shoes will often use spandex yarn to help provide increased comfort and to prevent friction between the shoe and the foot. The material can be used as under wears, over wears, or just as an enhancement to the normal fabric. Because it's stretchable, spandex can be used to help provide more room in the crotch area of jeans. It's also been found to work well in creating camisoles and tank tops that have smaller straps and cut off areas to help create a sleeker appearance.

Another place where spandex yarn can be utilized is in prepolymer coatings and powders. Like other polymeric solutions, the fiber can be coated with a desired color, pattern or texture. Many coatings have the added benefit of not needing to dry spin. This means that the coating can be ready to apply right before it's needed.

Another popular application is in clothing design. Coated with acrylic or silicone, the material can be used as an under garment as well as around the outside of shirts and blouses. Spandex fabrics make great coveralls, t-shirts, even swimsuits. The elastic yarn works well for bibs in sports like swimming and tri-athlons. This material has been found to be especially useful for equestrians who find that their equipment needs more padding. For anyone looking for a great way to add some extra warmth to their wardrobe, spandex yarn should be considered.

One final place where spandex yarn can be useful is as an under garments and in clothing repair kits. Because the elasticity is present, it allows stretch after the garment is put on. When it comes time to iron a garment, the spandex yarn allows the heat to get to the area underneath the item, helping mend holes and other areas that are prone to ironing. To do this, all one needs is some old pants, a pair of long johns or a dress shirt. Spandex clothing can make an old pair of shorts look like new again.

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