The pressure of the cradle directly affects the yarn quality

The pressure of the cradle directly affects the yarn quality

Update: 2020-03-28

In actual production, due to factors such as excessive cradle pressure, static electricity accumulation, bad surface of the rubber roller, and low negative pressure of the negative pressure tube, the sliver falls or skews in the "uncontrolled area" between the roller and the negative pressure tube. The phenomenon of yarn dryness will be significantly affected. Therefore, the pressure of the aggregate spinning cradle should be controlled to be small, to prevent static accumulation, to maintain the surface roughness of rollers and rubber rollers, to treat the rubber rollers with ultraviolet rays to prevent sticking and to maintain the normal pressure of the negative pressure tube.

Movement state of the sliver on the negative pressure tube

In actual production, there may be a phenomenon of a large increase in hairiness, a sharp increase in the head breakage rate or all head breakages. The main reasons are that the negative pressure fan has not been started or the negative pressure bellows have not been cleaned in time for a long time, making the negative pressure too small . Sometimes some single-spindle breakage rates are high or the spinning is not normal. The main reason is caused by the accumulation of flowers on the output end of the suction tube of the negative pressure tube. You can clear the accumulated flowers in the grid circle. Try to choose anti-static grid circles, and choose a reasonable mesh grid circle.

Influence of workshop temperature and humidity

During the production of agglomerated spinning, due to the effect of suction and exhaust air, the workshop temperature will have obvious unevenness at the front and rear of the car. This unevenness will show seasonal differences. 3 ℃ ~ 6 ℃. Temperature and humidity are an important factor affecting hairiness. According to actual measurements, the number of hairiness and neps in the tail of the car is about 40% higher than that of the front. Therefore, maintaining the normal temperature and humidity in the workshop and reducing the temperature and humidity difference is an important measure to improve product quality.

Cradle pressure

The pressure of the cradle directly affects the yarn quality. If the pressure of the cradle is too large, it may easily shorten the service life of the front rubber roller, cause the front rubber roller to be concave, and may also cause the rubber roller mechanical waves. The normal use period of the front rubber roller is about 2 months. When the pressure is too large, it will be unfavorable for holding the roving for one and a half months, causing a rapid increase in broken ends. Therefore, the accumulative spinning pressure should not be too large, and it is generally appropriate to control it from 160 N / twin to 180 N / twin.