What are the characteristics of the cluster spinning process


Concentration spinning is a new type of spinning techno […]

Concentration spinning is a new type of spinning technology in which a concentrating device is added before the drafting device of the ring spinning frame to perform spinning. The spinning mechanism is mainly: a fiber aggregation zone is added before the traction device of the ring spinning frame, and the fiber bundles migrated from the nip line of the front roller of the drafting device are gathered in a line, which basically eliminates the front roller to twisting. The spinning and twisting triangle area between the dots solves the key problems of yarn strength, hairiness and flying flowers that exist in traditional ring spinning.

Different machine manufacturers have developed different agglomeration devices, but the principle is basically the same. Through the agglomeration, the fibers in the whiskers, especially the edge fibers and floating fibers, are effectively controlled, and the drafting of the whiskers is greatly reduced. Width, which basically eliminates the spinning triangle area, produces a new type of high-quality compact yarn.

The cluster spinning process has the effect of finishing the yarn in the gathering area. Due to the shrinkage and polymerization of the airflow, the ends of the fibers are twisted into the yarn, the yarn structure is the most compact, the yarn appearance is smooth, the hairiness is less, and the yarn is strong. High, the twisted spiral structure of the yarn is clearly visible; and the transfer of the inner and outer layers of the fiber when twisting at the nip of the twisting roller is not as strong as the traditional technology, so the tight yarn has uneven, thick and detailed indicators than traditional Ring spun yarn is better. At the same time, because the compact yarn has less hairiness, it provides better conditions for the next process and reduces the pressure of sizing and singeing. If the weft of the shuttleless loom uses compact yarn, the resistance of weft insertion can be greatly reduced. Improve the efficiency of the loom. In addition, because the compact yarn fibers are arranged tightly and have a small diameter compared with the traditional yarns of the same number, the cloth densely woven with the same warp and weft has good air permeability, and the cloth surface is flat and smooth. It is an ideal yarn for high-end textiles.

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