What are the factors affecting spinning quality

What are the factors affecting spinning quality

Update: 2021-05-20

1. Raw materials

Before spinning production, the spinning raw materials must be carefully selected, the ratio of cotton blending and blending must be coordinated, and the fibers must be fully mixed together to meet the needs of spinning production.

2. Craft

In the spinning process, the quality of spinning produced by different spinning production processes will be different. It is necessary to strengthen the design of spinning production parameters, pay attention to the innovation of spinning production technology, and strengthen the process experiment. , To find the spinning production process and improve the quality of spinning production.

3. Equipment

Spinning companies want to produce spinning products, they must be inseparable from spinning equipment, especially in the modern industrial situation, production companies must strengthen the introduction of spinning equipment, maintenance and maintenance of various accessories, and regular Check the spinning equipment and deal with any problems in time.

4. Production Management

To ensure the quality of spinning products, it is necessary to strengthen strict management of spinning production, to ensure the cleanliness of the spinning workshop, to improve the level of operation of workers, and to continuously improve the efficiency of spinning work under the premise of ensuring quality.

5. Production temperature and humidity

The quality of spinning products is also closely related to the production temperature and humidity. During the production process, the production temperature and humidity must be controlled, which will directly affect the moisture regain of semi-finished products, bobbins and cones. Suitable temperature and humidity can effectively increase the strength of spinning, reduce hairiness, and also reduce the appearance of yarn defects, so it is very important in the spinning production process.