What is the difference between colored spinning yarn and colored dot spinning yarn

What is the difference between colored spinning yarn and colored dot spinning yarn

Update: 2021-07-27

Colored Spinning Yarn

It is a novel yarn produced by a special process using the principle of compound spinning. Feed the unfolded sliver into the roving drafting zone, and install a decorative yarn feeding device on the roving frame to introduce the decorative yarn, and the final sliver will be drafted and twisted by the roving frame, and then wound on the roving for spinning. The roving is made into roving. The roving is drafted and twisted by the spinning frame to form a yarn with a unique style. The fabric is made of bulging yarn. Because the decorative yarn is wound on the main yarn body, the texture of the fabric is clear and has a strong three-dimensionality.

The senses are piled up like "silkworms", and its unique scalloped style is favored by high-end fabrics and fashion designers. It is the yarn for weaving fashionable and popular fabrics. Dyed spun yarn is mainly used for high-end knitted T-shirts and woven casual wear. It is to use low twist yarn for decoration yarn in the production of mélange yarn. The specific yarn count specification should be determined according to customer requirements and fabric effect.

Colored dot spinning yarn

This is a novel yarn developed and produced according to user needs in recent years. To produce colored-point colored spinning yarn, ly there must be colored particles. Although there are factories specializing in the production of colored particles, companies use leftovers from production on the carding Machine with a special process that is repeatedly rubbed and intertwined. Manufactured into particles, dyed into colored particles.

There are currently two processes for the production of melange yarns. The is made by mixing a certain proportion of colored "dots" in the clearing process and spinning them according to the conventional melange spinning process. The second method is to use the strip mixing process, which is to mix the colored "dots" sliver with the ordinary color strips in the drawing process, and then use the conventional color spinning process to produce colorful "dots" attached to the yarn. The fabric woven with colored dots and yarns presents a rough "yarn defect" style similar to "big neps". Since the colored spun colored yarn adds popular elements to the development of new fabrics, it is deeply loved by the majority of designers. At present, it is widely used in knitted casual wear, such as T-shirts and casual wear.