What is the difference between polyester yarn and acrylic yarn


Polyester yarn and acrylic yarn are both synthetic yarn […]

Polyester yarn and acrylic yarn are both synthetic yarns commonly used in textile and apparel manufacturing. Here are the key differences between the two:
Composition: Polyester yarn is made from synthetic polymers derived from petroleum, while acrylic yarn is made from a polymer called polyacrylonitrile, which is also derived from petroleum.
Feel and texture: Polyester yarn tends to have a smoother and silkier feel compared to acrylic yarn, which can feel slightly rougher and stiffer. Acrylic yarn can also feel warmer and more lightweight than polyester yarn.
Durability: Polyester yarn is generally more durable and resistant to abrasion, stretching, and wrinkling than acrylic yarn, which can pill and stretch out of shape over time.
Care: Polyester yarn is easier to care for, as it can withstand high temperatures and is less prone to shrinking or melting in the dryer. Acrylic yarn requires lower temperatures and gentle handling to avoid damage.

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