What kind of sewing thread is suitable for sewing work clothes?


 Let‘s listen to what professional manufacturers have t […]

 Let‘s listen to what professional manufacturers have to say!


Thread, although not very conspicuous, but its role is very large, any textile clothing and household items need to use thread to sew joints. Because there are many kinds of materials for clothing, there are also many kinds of threads. Take the work clothes we usually wear as an example, which kind of sewing thread is more suitable for them to sew?


Sewing thread commonly used in work clothes; in addition to the sewing function, sewing thread also plays a decorative role. The amount and cost of sewing thread may not be a large part of the overall work clothes, but sewing efficiency, sewing quality and appearance quality are very important. What kind of fabrics and what kind of threads are used under any circumstances, are not used indiscriminately. The workwear fabric itself has a great influence on the sewing condition. For example, some finely organized workwear fabrics, post-finished fabrics, and thinner and non-stretchable workwear fabrics.​​


1200D/384FConventional polyester yarn

Natural fibers are of course cotton and silk sewing threads. Cotton fiber sewing thread has good strength and excellent heat resistance, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable pressing, but its elasticity and wear resistance are slightly poor. In addition to ordinary soft threads, there are wax threads and mercerized threads of cotton threads after sizing and waxing. Wax rays have an increase in strength and abrasion resistance, which reduces frictional resistance when sewing.​​

After reading it, you may have a certain understanding of this kind of sewing thread. In fact, different types of sewing threads are different. According to their respective practicability, characteristics and advantages are also different. That's it for today's sharing, more professional questions, welcome to consult.

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