High tensile strength and elastic modulus of DTY


Draw texturing yarn(DTY) is an ideal raw material for k […]

Draw texturing yarn(DTY) is an ideal raw material for knitting or woven processing. It is a textured yarn type of polyester chemical fiber. In addition to general polyester, it has high breaking strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, In addition to the characteristics of light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy washing and quick drying, it also has the characteristics of high bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable feel and soft gloss. The low DTY yarn uses polyester chips as raw materials, uses high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented yarns, and is processed by drawing and false twisting. It is suitable for making clothing fabrics, bedding and decorative articles. Polyester low-elastic yarn with high curl shrinkage rate is relatively bulky, and the cloth surface is thick, which can be adjusted by the texturing process. The process selection is low, the residual elongation is dyeable, the strength is high, the shrinkage rate is high, and In the case of silk, a lower residual elongation will be selected, and excessively high residual elongation will produce polyester low-elastic silk stiff yarns, the shrinkage rate will decrease, the fabric dyeing and finishing will not be easily shaped, and wrinkles will be adversely affected.

Polyester cord is a fiber made by spinning and post-treatment. It has very good setting properties. It can be kept for a long time after being washed many times in use. In addition to the presence of two alcohol-terminated hydroxyl groups in the polyester molecule, there are no other polar groups, so polyester fibers are extremely poorly hydrophilic. Polyester molecules contain about 46% of ester groups. The ester groups can hydrolyze and thermally crack at high temperatures, and they will be saponified when alkali is encountered, which will reduce the degree of polymerization. Polyester molecules also contain aliphatic hydrocarbon chains, which can give polyester molecules a certain Flexibility, but because there are benzene rings that cannot be rotated internally in polyester molecules, polyester macromolecules are basically rigid molecules, and the molecular chain is easy to maintain linearity. Therefore, polyester macromolecules can easily form crystals under this condition, so the crystallinity and orientation of polyester are high.

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