How is 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn different from ordinary white polyester yarn?

How is 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn different from ordinary white polyester yarn?

Update: 2024-04-25

In terms of color characteristics, 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn has a unique optical white color. This optical white is not pure white in the traditional sense, but a color effect obtained through special processing. It has higher purity and reflectivity, giving the yarn a bright, even luster when exposed to sunlight or indoor light. This luster not only enhances the visual appeal of the yarn, but also enhances the high-end feel of the overall product. The presentation of optical white also gives 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn a wider application space. This kind of yarn can be used in various occasions that have high requirements for color purity, such as high-end clothing, home decoration, car interiors, etc. Its bright and uniform luster can be coordinated with various materials and colors, bringing an elegant and fresh visual effect to the product. Optical white also has certain hiding power and color rendering properties. This means that even if there are minor im ions or unevenness on the surface of the yarn, the optical white can effectively cover up these issues, making the overall look even better. At the same time, it can also truly reflect the details and levels of other colors or patterns, making the overall design more vivid and three-dimensional. 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM The optical white color of Polyester Yarn is not static. By adjusting the production process and formula, manufacturers can flexibly adjust the gloss and reflectivity of yarns to meet the needs and preferences of different customers. This flexibility makes optical white yarns more competitive in the market.

In terms of specifications, 300D96F refers to the fineness and twist of the yarn. 300D represents the fineness of the yarn, which is the diameter or linear density of the yarn, while 96F represents the number of twists per inch, which is the twist of the yarn. Yarns of this specification usually have high strength and wear resistance, and are suitable for making products that need to withstand a certain amount of tension and friction. The specifications of ordinary white polyester yarn may vary depending on the use, but they often cannot reach high specifications such as 300D96F.

In terms of material composition, the NIM (may be the abbreviation or logo of a certain special material) component of 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn gives the yarn special properties. This material may have UV resistance, anti-aging or antistatic properties, allowing the yarn to perform well in outdoor environments or special application scenarios. Ordinary white polyester yarn is mainly composed of polyester fiber. Although it also has certain durability and processability, it may be lacking in special properties.

In terms of application scenarios, because 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn has unique optical white color and high specifications, it is usually used in high-end clothing, home decoration, automotive interiors and other fields that require high quality and special effects. Its optical white color can add an elegant and pure visual effect to the product and enhance the overall quality of the product. Ordinary white polyester yarn is more commonly used in daily clothing, curtains, bedding and other general purposes.

During the production and processing process, 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn may have adopted a more refined and environmentally friendly process. For example, environmentally friendly dyes and auxiliaries may be used during the dyeing process to ensure the environmentally friendly performance of the product. At the same time, advanced technology and equipment may also be used during yarn processing and finishing to ensure the quality and performance of the yarn.

In terms of price, due to the advantages of 300D96F OPTICAL WHITE NIM Polyester Yarn in materials, processes and performance, its price is usually higher than ordinary white polyester yarn. However, considering its application value in high-end markets and special application scenarios, this price difference is reasonable.