Tips For Choosing Polyester Color Yarn

Tips For Choosing Polyester Color Yarn

Update: 2022-04-14

A sweater knit in a single color usually has two strands of yarn. The dominant color is the one that floats on the back of three white stitches. The contrasting color sits below the dominant. To knit a sweater in a different color, alternate the colors. For example, the dominant color of blue and white can float on either side of the same stitch. To knit a sweater in these colors, hold the dominant color in your left hand and the contrasting one in your right.


Neutral colors are great for balancing out the rest of your knitting projects. Neutral colors are colors that are close in hue to another color. They are in the same color family as other colors and can make a pattern seem balanced and symmetrical. Neutral colors can also pop other colors in a pattern. This is an important consideration when you choose a yarn color. However, if you are unsure of which yarn to choose, try to stick with neutral colors.


Variegated yarn is also known as short colorway yarn. This type of yarn has short stretches of color, usually three. Typically, a color will run for only a few stitches before switching to a different color. Most variegated yarns are spun from natural off-white yarn and are handpainted or stamped with colors. For more sophisticated designs, consider using a yarn with multicolor stripes. The possibilities are endless!


Dty Polyester Yarn

If you are unsure about which colors will go together, use a color wheel. It will give you some ideas, but remember that it's important to trust your gut feeling. If you are not comfortable with triadic color schemes, don't worry! Most yarn companies choose their colors with the compatibility of each other in mind, which means that colors from the same line will generally be complementary. A color wheel is a great resource for determining what works for a given project.


Variegated yarns have more than one color in each skein. Some are hand-painted, while others are kettle-dyed. The colors vary significantly from skein to skein.


Another type of color yarn is self-striping, which has long stretches of color. Self-striping yarn is commonly referred to as long colorway yarn. Al all yarn is self-striping. It's produced by spinning raw fibers into batches of varying colors. When you work up the yarn, the two dyed batches are combined to create stripes. That's how they get their stripes.