What are the main reasons for uneven yarn defects


Uneven yarn defect Uneven yarn defects are divided into […]

Uneven yarn defect

Uneven yarn defects are divided into regular uneven yarn irregularities and irregular uneven yarn irregularities. The irregular unevenness is all sudden yarn defects, mainly due to poor mechanical parts, improper process parameters, raw material fluctuations, and sudden changes in workshop temperature and humidity. Irregular irregularity is mainly due to the drawing force is greater than the control force, the main reasons are:

1) The draw frame buncher is damaged, the opening is too small, not smooth, the width of the guide bar frame is too large, and the rubber roller pressure fails.

2) The rubber roller or rubber ring core is short of oil, and the suction force of the draw suction device is too large.

3) Improper coarse roller spacing, roller entanglement, poor engagement of transmission gears, gears are non-standard parts.

4) The yaw pin of the roving frame has a large gap between the jaws, slippage or loosening of the positioning screw, deviation of the lower rubber ring, and defects.

5) The pressure of the roving fails, and there are fleece flowers or whiskers in the bundler which are not in the central collector.

6) The roving guide frame runs poorly and stops when it rotates from time to time, causing the sliver to stretch unexpectedly.



Operation management method

1) The on-the-spot work tour, strengthen the work of picking up miscellaneous defects, enhance the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

2) Put an end to barbaric operations such as "fan, blow, pat, and beat" by the lathe, and avoid moving flowers.

3) Strengthen the cleaning work of carding, and remove the belly and bottom of the car in time.

4) The accumulated roving coils are removed in time.

5) Regularly check whether there are white flowers in the drawing bellows flowers, and find out if inhaling white flowers for timely maintenance.

6) Strengthen the quality inspector and duty car operator to check the broken head automatic stop device and find that it is not working or must be repaired before driving.

7) After the drawer puts pressure on the driver, he must rub the sliver to check whether the sliver is normal.

8) Combing, merging, and rough supplying to Taiwan, solving problems in a timely manner, shortening the transportation route of full barrel slivers as much as possible, must be moved gently, and avoid touching the slivers.

9) Carry out technical training activities before and after the shift and on rest days to improve the operation level and ensure the quality of joints and joints.

10) Eliminate sugar in raw cotton with more than 3% sugar content.

11) Strengthen the temperature and humidity control of the workshop, record and adjust the air-conditioning work in time.

12) Replace damaged and rotten sliver barrels in time; the springs in the sliver barrels are soft and hard, and replace the unqualified springs in time.


1) The quality of the flat wiper is guaranteed, and the channels of the yarns are really smooth, the loop of the pile is flexible, and the cleaning device is in good condition.

2) The maintenance workers regularly check the rollers, rubber rollers, and transmission gears to ensure that they are in good condition and refuel in time. Wipe the cotton wax, dirt, rust, etc. on the surface of the roller groove with a cloth wiped with gasoline or alcohol at an appropriate time to prevent the roller from getting entangled.

3) Optimize the technology and select the technology to get on the vehicle. For example, if the roller gap in the rear zone of the FA31l drawing frame is properly enlarged, the speed of the vehicle will be appropriately slowed down when the supply is guaranteed.

4) Make sure that the rough drive gear guide frame is in good working condition, do a good job of maintaining and maintaining the rubber rollers, rollers, and gears of the rough machine, check the intact state of the equipment from time to time, and handle the problems in time.

Through the above measures, the yarn defects gradually showed a decreasing trend, which shows that certain results have been achieved. To deal with specific situations, it is necessary to conduct specific scientific analysis, implement the responsibility system at all levels, do a good job of basic work, focus on the small, take the word "strict" first, fully mobilize employees, rely on employees, do prevention first, treat the disease right, and check every level.

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