Advantages of Polyester High Elastic Yarn


  When it comes to fabric, polyester high elastic […]


When it comes to fabric, polyester high elastic yarn offers many advantages. It can be used in a wide variety of fabric-making processes, and is highly resistant to abrasion and rips. It is also resistant to shrinking, and its excellent stretchability and tensile strength make it ideal for improving the appearance of fabrics. If you're interested in making your own fabric, read on to learn more about this fiber.

The USPTO has registered a trademark for AEROCOOL. This trademark covers a range of textile materials used in the manufacture of clothing, including spun yarns, knitted fabric, and polyester. However, the USPTO does not list a specific definition for AEROCOOL. Listed below are a few common examples of the materials that use the AEROCOOL trademark.

These yarns can be used to produce textiles and fabrics with exceptional elasticity. These yarns can be used for sportswear, underwear, and other textile products. They have high strength and are excellent at folding. They are manufactured in countries like Indonesia, China, and India. These countries are renowned for their superior-quality yarns and are considered to be a great investment in high-tech textiles.

Hyosung has also enhanced the development of eco-friendly fibers. Its regen, a recycled polyester fiber, was awarded the Eco-Mark from the Japan Environment Association. It also obtained the Global Recycle Standard from CONTROL UNION in the Netherlands. Regen is a multilobal polyester yarn with a differentiated polymer, producing a cool touch and improved moisture management. The product also features a cotton-like texture and an easy-care function.

Aerolight is an extremely light product that has a superior moisture-absorbing and drying capability. Its multifilament and C-type structure make it suitable for use in all seasons. This high-elasticity fabric has excellent soft touch and superior color fastness. Its unique feature of being dyeable at low temperatures and under normal pressure ensures a vibrant color. Prizma is also highly absorbent and has a prolific drying function. It can be used in knitting and weaving applications and is also an excellent choice for sportswear and underwear.
The use of aerocool EX polyester high elastic yarn has various benefits. The material is lightweight and has excellent moisture-absorbing and drying properties. It has C-type hollow-core structure and multiple filaments, which are suitable for all seasons. This yarn is environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled post-consumer PET bottles. It has rapid moisture-absorption and prolific drying capabilities. Its properties make it perfect for a wide range of sports applications.

The non-elastomeric ground yarn is spun over sinkers and is fed through the same feed holes as the pile yarn. The yarn is knitted to 32-34 wales per inch, although other wale counts can be obtained by adjusting the machine gauge and undergoing stretching in the finishing process. The basis weight of the first fabric layer 12 is 6.9 osy (230 gsm).

Hyosung Corp., a South Korean company, has a reputation for producing high-quality polyester fiber. It has won the World-Class Korean Product Award 17 times since 2002. It is certified by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency).

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