Draw Texturing Yarn

Draw Texturing Yarn

Update: 2022-01-30

Draw texturing yarn is polyester yarn with different textures and a high emulation feature. This kind of fabric is used for various types of fabrics, such as sports apparel, top-grade garments, bedding, and drapery products. This type of textile is highly flexible and can be processed in various ways. Its color can be customized and it can also be dyed. Its high resilience, soft gloss, and colorfastness make it an ideal choice for clothing and other items.

Draw texturing yarn is widely used for textile industry. Its main features are low elasticity and good denier. It is produced by high-speed drawing and twisting Machines and is made of polyester. It is available in various sizes and is used in a variety of industries such as the apparel industry. It can also be woven on rapier loom, water jet loom, air jet loom, circular knitting Machine, and warp knitting Machine.

Draw texturing yarn is produced on high-speed drawtexturing Machines with identical capability. Total quality check is done for color and dye ability. The captive weaving installation closely monitors the bulk, elongation, and crimping. Electronic package-size measuring units are used to ensure uniformity in the package of the texturised yarn. The final product is packaged in seaworthy cartons or pallets for transportation. If you are interested in buying this kind of fabric, you can visit the official website of the manufacturer and browse the products offered by them.

The common and largest polymer draw texturing yarn is polyester. It is made by drawing and twisted partially oriented polyester yarns using a high-speed texturing Machine. Its high denier and good dyeing uniformity make it suitable for rapier loom, water jet loom, and air jet loom. This yarn is used widely in the apparel industry. Its high extensibility makes it a popular fabric choice for garment manufacturers.

The common drawtexturing yarn is polyester. This is the largest drawtexturing yarn and the common polymer. It is produced by a high-speed texturing Machine. A good example of this is the rapier loom, which is a type of rapier loom. A waterjet loom is also used to produce this fabric. Its durability makes it ideal for a wide range of other applications.

Draw texturing yarn is a high-performance polyester fiber that is manufactured by a spinning Machine. Its drawtexturing yarn is made from semi-dull POY after being drawn by a high-speed Machine. It is compatible with rapier looms, airjet looms, and circular knitting Machines. It is a highly elastic fiber that is a preferred fabric for the textile industry. And with its elasticity, drawtexturing yarns are an choice for many different applications.

Draw texturing yarn is a high-performance textile. It is made from polyester and is used in a variety of industries. Its elasticity makes it an ideal choice for use in fashion and home furnishings. Moreover, it is an choice for a range of industrial applications. It is available in various colors, sizes, and textures. It is easy to work with and is an ideal choice for many customers. The process can be performed by a number of different manufacturers.

Draw texturing yarn is a polyester fiber. It is the common type of draw texturing yarn, and it is also the largest. A high-speed drawing Machine produces this fiber at high speeds, and it has high elasticity and color fastness. It can be used for various textile products, including knitted clothes and other materials. The different varieties of this material are sold online and at retail stores. It is to find a reliable supplier in your region, and purchase your desired product from a trusted source.