Relation Between POY, DTY, POY and FDY


POY Refers to incompletely drawn chemical fiber filamen […]

POY Refers to incompletely drawn chemical fiber filaments with a degree of orientation obtained by high-speed spinning between unoriented and drawn yarns. Compared with undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability. It is often used as a special yarn for drawn textured yarn (DTY).

DTY stretch textured yarn is a type of textured polyester polyester fiber. It uses polyester chips (PET) as raw materials, uses high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented yarn (POY), and is processed by drafting and false twisting. In addition to the characteristics of general polyester with high breaking strength and elastic modulus, excellent heat setting property, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy washing and quick drying, it also has high bulkiness, Good heat insulation, comfortable feel, soft gloss and other characteristics. It is an ideal raw material for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or woven processing, suitable for making clothing fabrics, bedding and decorative articles.

DTY uses: high-speed warp knitting, warp knitting, circular knitting machine, water jet loom, air jet loom, rapier loom, twisting, ribbon, covering, decorative fabric, denim, etc.

DRAW TEXTURED YARN. It is made by using POY as raw yarn, and stretching and false twisting. Often has some elasticity and contractility. FDY: Fully stretched, FULL DRAW YARN. A synthetic fiber filament further prepared by spinning and drawing. The fiber is fully drawn and can be used directly in textile processing.

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